Resources for New Students

Moodle Course Enrollment

When you register for your regular academic courses, you will be automatically enrolled in your Moodle course site. Your list of enrolled courses will appear in the Navigation block in the upper right. If you are not able to view a course in which you are currently enrolled, ask your instructor if he or she has made the course visible to students yet.  If the instructor has published the course and you are still unable to see it, please contact the Technology Helpdesk.

For other courses however, you will need to self-enroll. These courses may include:

Card Office ID submission

Placement Exams

Note: if you qualify for extended time accommodations, please contact the office of Disability Services via or (323) 259-2969 for a link to the appropriate placement exam.

To self-enroll...

Click on the link above for the "course" you would like to enter.

Moodle will prompt you to log in. Use the same username and password as your OxyConnect username and password.

After you log in, you will next see a page that says "Enrollment options" that may also contain a list of professors.

image of self enrollment button

On this page, click the button "Enroll me"

You will then be enrolled in the course and able to view its contents. If you experience difficulty enrolling in the card office ID submission or a placement exam "course," please contact the Technology Helpdesk.

Summer Reading

Heather McGhee’s The Sum of Us: What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together has been selected as the 2021 Community Book. A nonfiction title published in February of this year, The Sum of Us is quickly receiving excellent reviews and national attention. McGhee, an expert in economic and social policy and contributor to NBC’s Meet the Press, currently chairs the board of Color of Change, the nation’s largest online racial justice organization. In The Sum of Us, she argues forcefully that racism hurts everyone and that the way forward is by building multi-racial collaborations and coalitions, resulting in a “solidarity dividend.”

All first-year students will be expected to read The Sum of Us prior to the beginning of August. There will be discussions about the book during New Student Orientation and as part of First Year Seminars. Students can request a free e-book of The Sum of Us by sending an email to; you’ll be sent a code allowing you to download your copy at no charge.

Last modified: Monday, July 26, 2021, 7:03 PM