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Course Reserves Moving to Moodle!

Course Reserves Moving to Moodle!

par Marsha Kay Schnirring,
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Last spring the Library and CDLR co-piloted placing course reserves in Moodle. Beginning Fall '10, all course reserve listings will be accessed via Moodle instead of library webpages. As in the past, Library Access Services will process course reserve materials and create the corresponding listings.

All reserve items for a course, whether physical (books, DVDs, special materials, etc.) or electronic (articles in databases, online content, and scanned documents) will be listed in the corresponding Moodle course.

To see an example of how course reserves will look in Moodle:
Login to Moodle using your Oxynet ID and password
In the top block, under How to Use Moodle, click on Course Reserves
You'll see four examples of different types of course reserve content: Complete Article from Database, Book, Website, Movie

What does this change mean?
  • consolidation and simplification
    • all course-related content will be together in one easily accessed place
  • persistence
    • faculty will be able to readily access and review course reserves from previous semesters
  • discovery
    • linking to content in our subscribed databases helps students become increasingly familiar with these resources
  • efficiency and sustainability
    • replaces a paper and labor intensive process with a streamlined, greener solution
For course reserve guidelines and to request materials be put on reserve for the fall semester, please complete the NEW form available at: and forward to

If you are interested in learning more about how you might use Moodle in your course(s), please request an instructional technology consultation with the CDLR (Center for Digital Learning & Research) by opening a support request via the ITS Helpdesk - or x2880.