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Moodle Integration with Banner!

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Moodle Integration with Banner!
by Marsha Kay Schnirring - Sunday, August 30, 2009, 1:04 PM
We have completed Banner integration with Moodle! Many thanks to Benjie Castro for starting it all off at 5:00 AM this morning and to Nick Velkavrh and Jay Yip for getting the 107 'in progress' courses ported.
A few reminders to faculty using Moodle:
  • because the course name is taken from the official Banner listing, it is now slightly different for Fall '09 Oxy courses (previous and non-academic Moodle courses remain titled as before)
  • whether or not you have created content for each course you are teaching this semester (including lab sections) you will see a course listing for the course
  • enrolled students will not see your courses until you make them visible under Administration/Settings/Availability [no other setting changes are needed]
  • as students add/drop classes through the Registrar's Office, they will automatically be added/dropped in your Moodle courses -- real time
  • student ID pictures will be imported to their Moodle profiles on Monday 8/31; existing Moodle photos will be preserved; students may, of course, remove or replace their pictures, as they choose
Moving forward, it will no longer be necessary to request creation of a new course -- that will happen automagically before the start of each semester; you can then import course content from a previous semester or request that we do that for you.
We ask that for all things Moodle (including consultations), you open an ITS Help Desk ticket. This provides us with centralized tracking, allows us to spot and address recurring issues, problems or questions, and ensures you will be contacted in a timely manner by the appropriate person or, should they be unavailable, their designated backup.

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