Sherman/Levitan Lab Meetings
This course will introduce students to the biology of the mind. It will provide an overview of neuroanatomy and characterize the neural mechanisms supporting complex cognitive processes including vision, attention, consciousness, language, memory, learning, emotion, and action. We will also emphasize the importance of converging methodologies in studying the link between the mind, brain, and behavior. Methodologies we consider include behavioral measures of cognition, neuropsychology, electrophysiology, anatomical and functional neuroimaging, single-cell recordings, and computational modeling. Laboratory sessions will allow students get hands-on experience with these methodologies, as well as arm them with the tools to understand and evaluate primary research in cognitive neuroscience. *Prerequisites: Cognitive Science 101, Biology 130, or Psychology 322, or permission of the instructor. Recommended Prerequisite: Research Methods in Cognitive Science (or Psychology). Co-requisite: Cognitive Science 320L.