This interdisciplinary course will provide an opportunity for students to define their interests as performers/writers/producers and to develop original material, an artistic vision, and producing expertise that will lead to a realized performance. Individual skill sets and interests including storytelling, physical theater, character-work, Viewpoints, clown and music may each provide a jumping off point for this work. At the beginning of the course, a series of improvisational exercises, mini-performances and character studies, supported by readings and videos on contemporary solo, immersive, experimental and environmental theater, will guide students to land on personal solo or two-person projects. In the second half of the semester, students will craft these pieces utilizing their peers as a think-tank. This generative, collaborative process will emphasize the importance of ensemble both onstage and behind the scenes during the creative and production process. To culminate their work, the class will be responsible for the production aspects necessary to present their pieces in a public performance on-campus. Prerequisite: THEA 210, THEA 330, THEA 380, or permission of instructor.